Common Uses for Thermal Barcode Labels & Thermal Tags

RetailRetail Applications: Thermal Barcode Labels
The most popular application for thermal tags and thermal labels is retail pricing and barcoding. Every piece of merchandise must be specifically tagged with price, color, style, and brand and other information that identifies the product. Barcoding is an efficient way to gather that information with a quick scan at the checkout station. Sales transaction time is greatly reduced while inventory tracking improves efficiency.

Inventory Applications: Thermal LabelsWarehousing
Thermal Labeling is a necessity in any Warehousing application.  Product identification labels, bin location labels and shipping labels are constantly changing and the use of a thermal printer and thermal barcode labels provides instant, on-demand printing capability to meet those changing needs.  

Medical Application: Thermal Labels Pharmacy & Healthcare
Pharmacies employ thermal barcode labels in printing new scripts and in providing dosage/usage information as well as warning labels.  Clinics utilize thermal barcode labels for dispensing medications and tracking patient progress.  Hospital laboratories track specimen testing with synthetic thermal slide labels while in-patients are tracked via thermal wristbands and their medications are dispensed via a thermal labeling robot.  Hospital equipment is tracked via thermal barcoded labels.

Manufacturing Applications: Thermal LabelsManufacturing
For quality control and assembly line progress, thermal barcode labels are generated at each step of the manufacturing process.  This systematic usage provides increased efficiency and productivity which enhances the bottom line.

Law Enforcement
On-demand thermal parking tickets provide seamless reporting capability for follow-up in both precincts and court systems.  Evidence departments of Police Headquarters utilize thermal barcode labeling to document all evidence as it is received for identification and retrieval purposes.  Whether labeling plastic bags holding evidence or labeling evidence itself, in storage indoors or out, thermal barcode labeling is widely utilized.

Thermal is widely used in the Entertainment Industry, from admission tickets/badges for movies, theatres, sports arenas to the parking tickets issued prior to experiencing the entertainment.